I was honored to be asked to photograph this regal beauty in Dallas Texas last weekend.. Ava was the epitome of a Grand Dam. she was beautiful in the late rays of sun during the fall before daylight savings time. Thank you to Ava and Lisa for the warmth and generosity shown during a great weekend!


My east coast trip was such a great time. I was fortunate enough to sneak away to Martha's Vineyard for a night where I caught up with one of my dearest friends. After  much catching up and reminiscing we went to the beach and photographed Stanley and Tonka two of the greatest dogs I know. they both behaved like true gentlemen and I even shot some film from the Hasselblad too. Can't wait to develop those!


While traveling on the east coast I had a great time visiting long lost relatives. I was humbled again to rekindle a fond relationship with my second cousin Ellie Dorr. I spent one night in Manchester by the sea and had a great reunion. With a limited amount of time I photographed their two sweet dogs by the sea and in there beautiful home.Thank you sweet Weetabix and gorgeous Willow for your patience and love. Hope to visit again soon.


I had the great pleasure of photographing my Cousins dog in Barrington Rhode Island. Sweet Apollo was certainly familiar with the camera and we had a great time visiting the East Coast. Thanks Charley and Sarah!


Today I photographed sweet Nellie on a beautiful day in Carbondale, Colorado.This was our second "shoot" together as I had photographed Nellie and Annie for a portrait shoot in 2008.Nellie was a very good girl and stayed out of the water which is very hard for her. Thank you Carolyn and Nellie!!


Yesterday I had the honor of shooting two very sweet dogs. Bonnie and Clyde were the epitome of "great models" The Crown Mountain view didn't hurt either. Thank you Tuvia for allowing me to photograph these two little stars!


This sweet dog was having a great time.We had photographed her in the field on a footstool and were looking for a new location.We headed down to the barn where she was absolutely astonished to find my old pony Misty. The interaction between them was astonishing. I managed to capture a few frames and love their juxtaposition. Thank you miracle and Misty!