Hasseldogs is a donation based passion project that captures the spirit of 1000 dogs with analog and digital technology. The photography by Summers Moore will be selected and curated into the forthcoming photo book, where all proceeds will go to the Aspen Animal Shelter.

Summers Moore, a photographer living and working in the Aspen Valley has conceived the Hassel Dogs project. The story behind the project, in the words of Summers Moore...

The Hasseldog Project was born out of my passion for animals, travel, and the desire to contribute to a well-deserved cause with a photography project.  I have been contacted by owners locally and throughout the United States who have such enthusiasm and love for their companions, their dogs, in all areas.  For me to travel, get behind the camera, and meet new people who are passionate about their pets is a dream!

My subjects, the dogs, display fascinating characteristics and personalities that I hope to portray in a non-traditional way. I had been photographing with my original 1969 Hasselblad 500cm camera and used my iPhone to preview the shots in real time. What I discovered through the viewfinder was a happy accident. The double imaging process is its own form of art, viewing the world through the ground glass was beautiful to me. The result revealed many imperfections that took on a personality of their own.

I look forward to many great adventures in doing what I love by capturing your companion's spirit through the lens.